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Law Enforcement Forensic Info

Please forward this information to your local PD divisions, Coroners and Medical Examiners.

For security purposes, these special forensic tests and lowered pricing for Law Enforcement will not be displayed on the Fastest Labs' websites or Specialty testing page.

An Update on Forensic Testing for Law Enforcement

Fastest Labs of Glendale has partnered with Paladina International in offering affordable full panel forensic testing to Law Enforcement nationwide who are suffering from budget cutbacks but still need fool proof, quality forensic results.

All tests use Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry methods to bypass nano technology used by many current criminal minds to hide toxins and other substances from being seen in non-forensic lab tests and getting away with crime.

*Samples involved in criminal/civil cases, postmortem, in possession of a crime lab, hospitals will be priced as $1,750 automatically.

**Gels, powders, crystals/rocks are $1,750 for Unknown Drug Scan. If found not to be illicit, price decreases to $920.00

DFSA Hair/Nails $920 Non-Clinical Price, Forensic Price $2,170.00 DFSA Blood/Urine $920 Non-Clinical Price, Forensic Price $2,170.00

Samples resulted as illicit drugs cannot be returned unless the recipient has a DEA license.

Also, individual full panel Forensic Heavy Metal tests and Unknown Chemicals and Drugs tests for employees available for those suffering from toxicity symptoms. Bypasses nano tech to reveal all hidden toxins in the body.

Full panel Heavy Metal tests also available for criminal investigations.

If you need any additional information or to order tests, call our technicians at Fastest Labs of Glendale at 1-877-857-9238. Or email your request to

For more information on employee toxicity testing, safe detoxification methods and toxicology consults, educational seminars/webinars with up to date information, contact Paladina International at 1-888-307-6780 or email or visit

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Special Forensic Tests - Mailed Worldwide

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